Our mission

Manufacture of high-quality sausages and delicatessens, maintenance of the high standards, use of latest technologies.

Who are we?

Alef Sausage factory

Alef Sausage Company was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 2000. Throughout these successful years our assortment of products has considerably grown. As a part of our continuous success we opened the doors to a new factory in 2005, allowing us to further expand our product line. We now offer over forty different types of high-quality sausages and meat delicacies.

Alef has grown to be one of the most well known and respected European style sausage companies in the United States. Using time honored European and Russian recipes -- plus our own unique innovations -- we are dedicated to preserving the traditional Old World flavor and character of sausage and meat delicacies. Our fine products are distributed in over thirty states in the US and in Canada.

Our company has invested heavily in state-of-the-art processing equipment (by leading industry brands) and high-quality ingredients. Our corporate culture emphasizes strict quality control and high standards of the employee ethics. The result has been the optimum parity of price and product quality -- and that spells success for both us and our clients.

We use the best and latest technology and the best natural ingredients (such as high quality meat, milk, eggs, salt, sugar and fresh spices) to produce authentic, traditional sausages and meat products to suit every customer’s need… a picnic with friends, a family dinner, sandwiches for lunch or a holiday celebration.

When you see the Alef label, you and your customers may be assured that there are no artificial colors or flavorings, that the meat is always fresh and ground the same day of production, that only natural wood chips are used for the smoking process (we never use “smoke flavoring”) and that the recipes are authentic.

We don’t cut corners. Ever.

We make sausage the way it’s supposed to be made… the way it has been made for centuries in Europe… naturally. And we use the latest and most efficient methods to do it.

That’s why all of Alef’s products are uniquely high quality, delicious and reasonably priced.